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Citronella Candle Zinc Bucket – 8x8x9cm

MVR 49.99

Citronella Anti Mosquito Bracelet

MVR 14.99

Wasp Trap with metal net – 12 x 12 x 18 cm.

MVR 99.99

Electric Flyswatter, Grey

MVR 89.99

Electric Insect Repeller, 230 Volts

MVR 39.99

Citronella Anti-mosquito Bracelet Pack Of 3

MVR 29.99

Rescue Fly Trap Attractant

MVR 69.99

Rescue Personal Mosquito Repellent DEET

MVR 79.99

Victor Mini Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller with Nightlight, 3-Pack

MVR 499.99

Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap Insect Control

MVR 139.99

Rescue Reusable WHY Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Trap

MVR 409.99

Family Care Bite & Itch Relief Antiseptic Touch Free .05 oz

MVR 109.99

Buggy Beds Bed Bug Glue Traps, 4 Pack


Harris Delta Max Concentrate 6oz

MVR 299.99

Cutter Backyard Bug Control Outdoor Fogger 16oz 2 Pack

MVR 249.99

Ace Foaming Wasp And Hornet 17.5oz

MVR 76.99

No Natz Insect & Bug Protection 2oz

MVR 119.99

Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap Attractant

MVR 99.99

Ace Weed And Grass Killer Spray Trigger 24oz

MVR 119.99

Catchmaster 944 Luma Flying Insect Trap

MVR 1,299.99

Bayer Advanced Lawn Complete Insect Killer For Soil and Turn 10lb

MVR 379.99

Catchmaster 920 SilenTrap Refill Glue Boards 2 Pack

MVR 119.99

NoNatz No Mosquito Insect And Bug Protection Spray Bottle 4oz

MVR 249.99

Rescue GoClip Yellow Jacket Repellent

MVR 99.99

BuggyBeds Bed Bug Luggage Liner Carry On Size 56x38x26cm

MVR 249.99

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer For Lawns Granule Net WT. 10 lb. (4.54 kg)

MVR 229.99

Patio Essentials Citro Pillar Candle 8Oz

MVR 119.99

Patio Essentials Candle Wax For Mosquitoes/Other Flying Insects 2.4 oz

MVR 39.99

Black Flag Fly Trap

MVR 89.99

TERRO Fruit Fly Trap 2 pk

MVR 174.98

BuggyBands Insect Repellent Wristband For Mosquitoes/Other Flying Insects

MVR 29.99

JT Eaton Stick-Em Pro Series Glue Trap For Rodents 2 pk

MVR 119.99

TERRO Insect Trap 4 pk

MVR 134.99

Ortho Liquid Insect Killer 24 oz.

MVR 179.99

JT Eaton Stick-A-Fly Fly Trap 5 Piece

MVR 64.99

Electrical Fly Swatter

MVR 79.99